Heathmont Gorilla

A Brief history

The Gorilla was first introduce to the Crew when trying to find a replacement Buggy after UCMEGO lost the concept of gravity while doing display run at Venture Gathering 02'. The replacement buggy was being offered with a Gorilla because it scared the owner's kids, we said we didn't have a need for it so a new deal was struck, we brought the Gorilla with the Torona being thrown in with it.
Since then the Gorilla has attended all major events the Heathmont Rover Crew has been to.

Naming Rights

The Gorilla has had many names in his time with our crew, as it changes from event to event. The Gorilla gets named after the person at an event with our crew does the Silliest, Stupidest, Funniest, and Generally Drunken moment at the event.

The winners are listed below, for each event of each year

Clothing Donated by

  • Sombrero and Thongs - Luke Moore to look the part at Surf Moot 03'.
  • Hot Pink Foxy Shorts - Paula (Carla) E.J. Chittick Rover Crew at RYVER Moot 03' to add a feminine effect to the Gorilla.
  • Blue Jacket - Andy reasoned he would get cold at Mud Bash 03'.
  • Red G-String - Scavenger Hunt 04' one of the items listed was a G-String, Katherine Jamieson went and purchased one for the Gorilla.

2003 Winners

Surf Moot: The Gorilla's first outing with the Heathmont Rover Crew. Kent 'Dodgy' Ashworth took it out from Allindarra Rover Crew. Rightfully named Kentsaurass, after jumping onto a wheelie bin to show off and falling off and landing on his Butt.

Hoadley: Timmy Doyle took naming rights after having a couple of set up cans with Andy in the afternoon, after finding the missing toilet that fell off on the way there. Decided that it was easier to watch the stars by flipping backwards on the chair even after being put back up several times.

Mud Bash: Big Mick Merritt being found pinned in the back of the Troopy analyzing what he had had for dinner the night before.

MARB: Andy Dugan was stressing out as the crew was leaving MARB that they hadn't taken the photo of him dressed up as the Bundy Bear in the Toilet as seen in there adds. Being dragged out being told it had happened at the start of the night, which it had been.

Buggy Bash: Mick Merritt going for a "Walk" early on Sunday morning not knowing how good the zoom was on Brettly's camera and the photo's of his noodles.

The first annual overall winner is Big Mick Merritt.

2004 Winners

Surf Moot: Caitlin Watz (now Doyle) came back from the Porta-Loo saying Timmy "You're a Wuss, only 9 flaps, I got 11!" Referring to how many times the bottom cover opened.

Raft Race: Dave 'Eric' O'Conner scored more then just first place at Bill Rutherfords Raft Race. We welcomed Mrs Quiche with open arms.

Hoadley: This time it was a joint taking by Brett Foster and Andy Dugan. The two of them went out visiting other Crew Camp sites one night and returning in the wee hours of the morning after being heard singing for the last few Km's before the campsite. It gets even better their walking marks looked very familiar as if they had been bouncing off the trees on the side of the road then off each other in the middle. Then to top off their 'quite' entry Andy was running at his tent in an attempt to get his double mattress back into the tent. A description of it was 'thump, thump, thump (of feet) BANG. S#|T..... thump, thump, thump (of running feet) BANG. S#|T.....!' He eventually got it in.

Mud Bash: Alan Harding had just returned from living overseas for 18 months and went at it hard with all his Rover Mates, being a little out of practice was assisted by Timmy in getting back to his tent.

Baw Baw: Missing out on a Powder Day due to illness is never a good thing espically if it could have been avoided (like two jugs of amber liquid earlier). Andy spent Saturday in bed feeling worse for wear. He still claims he was tired to begin with and two planks weren't his thing.

MARB: 'Around the World' was the theme and Andy scored naming rights after his Polar Bear (Re: Bundy Bear) suit was mistaken by Miss New Zealand as a sheep and wound up having photo's taking in a very compromising position (but still with a smile on his face).

And the overall winner is Andy Dugan.

2005 Winners

Surf Moot: Chris 'Toper' Gunther claimed honors for the Gorilla's naming, because he had to win something at Surf Moot as he finished 2nd in the Billy Cart Race and also finished 2nd in the Volley Ball Comp.

Raft Race: Andy Dugan was in fine form after loading the raft trailer to the back of Brett's car he was put in the passenger seat of his car and was told Zoe 'Pingers' Thomas was driving him so he could have a couple of quite Ale's. By the time they picked Chris 'Toper' Gunther from Dodgy's place in Moorllobark Andy was well and truly happy then they continued to drive for another hour to get to Molesworth. Needless to say he wasn't too well in the morning and for that all day on the Raft as a hang over kicked in.

Hoadley: Pingers effort talking on the UHF Radio was enough to take the title this event. Pingers picked up the radio and said "Timmy takes it up the A*#E..........(with the pause and a innocent look on her face added)....Sometimes".

Mud Bash: Peni Tambilyn took home the award for her first big Rover event showing the elder Rovers how to Party hard and Party long all weekend.

MARB: Pingers for her excellent directions for Deb Hansen on their trip home saying she knew the way. Straight on.......Straight on....... Straight on "We're at a T-intersection!" Screamed Deb.

Baw Baw: Dodgy was in fine form with his 'Dodgychol' (home brew Spirits) with the Crew waking up in the morning with other people staying at the W.F. Waters Cahlet asking "What happened to Moon Shine?". Dodgy had gone back to get more 'Moon Shine'.

Buggy Bash: Dodgy once again takes out the title for waking up in the morning saying "Who S#*T in my mouth!?".

And the overall winner is Zoe 'Pingers' Thomas

2006 Winners

Surf Moot: Alan Harding at his last official Rover event tried to get picked up by a Canadian Chic who had just got in the country that day.

Raft Race: Catie Doyle was doing what the Dentist said and was having her fair share of Apples (in can form) and was saying stuff we normally don't here from Sweet and Innocent Catie.

Hoadley: Goes to a new Heathmont Rover Crew Squire of performing an Exorcism during the night and waking the whole campsite in the process. Well done to Daniel on a very well done service to the community.

Mud Bash: Once again it's Brandy. Our Crew leading Andy in fine form with ex Heathmont Rover Brettly took out the joint naming rights for the second time (maybe they shouldn't drink together). Consuming 1.5L of our old friend Jack to a little over 2L of a fine Cola mixing agent led to what can only be said as highly embarrassing and amusing antics for all to witness and Photograph.

2007 Winners

Surf Moot: Jarrod Zander after a heroic two full bottles of port had an experience of throwing up in his tent... and a cooking pot.

Random Crew Camp: while driving home Jarrod Zander was trying to 'drift' his car. He drove up an embankment and rolled. R.I.P 'Gallant' (the name of the car).

Hoadley: Chris 'Kermit' Knight, while driving his Torana to visit another crew, managed to bog the bloody thing... on the one day he was there.

Mud Bash: Melinda Merlo was in fine form after polishing a bottle of champagne, leading to her decision to swap undies with the gorilla. Melinda was new to the crew and was nicknamed 'Charlie'. 'Charlie' stuck with the gorilla, but not Mel.

Camp Chris: Cam Hort was in fine for in just half an hour when he proceeded to stand up, and defying the laws of physics, throw up in several directions at once!

2008 Winners

Surf Moot: Kevin Parker from Florence bay staying with Norseman. Or beefy depending on who your are, was in fine form... before he covered the back of a toilet door in vomit. Members of the committee happened to be in the area and asked what his name was. When they went off to find a member of Norseman, he slipped out of the toilet and went to bed. They never found Kevin Parker after that.

Jarrod's Bucks Weekend at the Farm: Daniel 'Smelly' Ingamells was performing circle work in the paddock. Dave was polite enough to call to him "look out for the pot holes!". Thud! The warning came too late.

Hoadley: The rovers were off to invest Vanessa Morley, they let the squires know they'd be about an hour. Spoiler alert, it was 3 hours. After the investure Dave O'Connor and Jarrod Zander remembered there was a small river crossing they wanted to take the car through. Seeing as they had two cars they thought they'd give it a go. The Subaru got through fine, so did the Barina, however its engine stopped on the other side. After letting it dry out the tried to jump it from the Subaru. This failed. So they decided to drive back to camp and get the 4WD to tow it back. So it turns out the Subaru wouldn't start now. The only thing left to do was wait until one of the cars was dry enough to start.

Congratulations, Damien Hort, Tim Taft, Dave O'Connor, Ness Morely, Penny Tamblyn and Chris Knight.

Mud Bash: Trent 'Funsize' Pottor was in fine form and managed to bring a girl mack to his tent, while they were having fun to his surprise, the poor girl vomited in his tent and promptly passed out.

Rover Movie Night: while the rovers were in the hall watching some moving literature, Cameron Hort, wanted to fix something in the corolla engine. He didn't have enough light so he parked the car under the veranda of the scout hall. After tinkering around he thought he'd see if the car would start. He leant through the window and turned the ignition. The car, in gear. yeah let that sink in for a second. Ran itself strait through the locked entrance, smashing the doors. Best security footage ever! His expression asks the question "oh shit, did they hear it?".

2009 Winners

Surf Moot: P.A. Announcement ' could the owner of the brown corolla please move their car, it's blocking in six people'. Damo was in no form to drive, grabbed Ben Hoeboer and asked him to move his car. Ben got into the car looked out the rear window and saw nothing in his was right to the end of the car park. When he started reversing he paid no attention to Damo yelling and jumping around waving frantically. Ben Managed to mount the whole back of the car on a cement pillar he hadn't seen. Ben looked and Damo and said "so that's why you were waving your hands".

Squire Training Weekend: While the others where out having fun doing circle work in the paddock. Alistair 'Bear' Steventon managed to get the nerve to give it a go, Beefy went to ride shotgun. Driving down the Graveyard Bear was ready to take the first corner fast. Brettly at the top of the hill anticipated the turn and its results and got a few people to watch. Just coming around the corner Beefy called out, "The gate's closed!" "Shit" Bear replied. He tried to slow and straiten the car to a stop. It didn't. Strait into the barbed wire boundary it went and got stuck. Jarrod Zander to the rescue with his brand new drag chain, pulled the car out to reveal the damage.

Hoadley: Dave O'Connor brought with him two mini push bikes. While sitting on one around the camp fire he lost his balance, regained control and yelled out proudly "YEAH THAT'S RIGHT!" then fell of the other direction.

Mud Bash: While watching Motorkana Chris 'Chewy' Maudsley heard the taxi crash into the wall on the other side, he ran quickly to check out the damage. Tafty in front of him called out "Watch out for the fence!" "WHAT!?" Replied Chewy. Just before he found the fence and took it down nearly to the ground, which the repelled back and bounced chewy to his feet, he climbed over it with a grin and said "what fence?".

2010 Winners

Surf Moot: Chris 'Chewy' Maudsley episode one: The warm up. While riding 'the black knight' a mini push bike, Chewy fell off the bike, only managed to stop after bouncing from his bum for some distance

episode two: Fine Form. Chewy passed out in his tent after a big day, Ox and Danni came in to check on him, rolled him over just before they realised he'd vomited in the place they rolled him to, so they rolled him back. The next day chewy came to the camp covered in vomit, and wanted to know "Who emptied their stomach's in my tent?"

Group Working Bee and Chainsaw Experience: Got you excited with the chainsaw bit huh? Dave O'Connor was encouraging the fire to burn the weeds we had taken out of the hill. Some how, the fire managed to find some oxygen in the nozzle of he jerry can. The flame went into the can when we heard a roaring his. Not worried, or thinking, Dave held onto the can and seemed to point it in the direction of Kermit. Kermit ducked out of the way just in time to miss a fire ball come in his direction. Dave 'the gorilla' was fine.

Hoadley: Ford 'Bannie' Goodall or 'the turbo skirt' (receiving both names at this camp) was demonstrating his fair share of whip cracking, unfortunately he got himself in the arm, and to reclaim his dignity he cracked the whip again, on his arm, in the same place. Then again once more, in the same place.

Mud Bash: Chris 'Chewy' Maudsley seems to be a pattern, and just to remind you, chewy covered in vomit in tent at surfmoot,. So Chewy came to the camp fire one morning. Steph Westwood asked him "Chewy? What's that on your face?" the lasting description is that he looked like a drag queen.

Box Fort Night With the Heathmont Scouts: Joint award to Damien Hort and Daryl Munton (scout leader) who thought to clean up at the end of the night it would be a great idea to build a bonfire with the leftover cardboard. The height of the flame reached above the two storey scout hall, which had dried pine needles on the roof and up the entire hill. As the flames were reaching their peak, someone mentioned "good thing the group leader isn't here". Just then Gavan Knight. The group leader, drove around the driveway. Fortunately nothing bad happened, the hall was still there. And we all had a good night.

Jarrod's Bucks Weekend at the Farm: Daniel 'Smelly' Ingamells was performing circle work in the paddock. Dave was polite enough to call to him "look out for the pot holes!". Thud! The warning came too late.

Jarrod's Wedding: Timothy 'Tafty' Taft was in fine form towards the end of the reception and found the fountain to be a delightful place to take a dip.

VG: While the crew was helping Barack rover crew cater the entire weekend, they ran out of lettuce. Steph 'Cabbage' Beach volunteered to go the the store. When Steph returned, we informed her that Cabbage, is not Lettuce. Thus the nick name cabbage, stuck with the Gorilla.

2011 Winners

Surf Moot: Ford Goodall had come up with an amazing pick up line and wanted to try it out. (don't try this at home) He walked up to a girl, stood proudly and queried "Does my cock smell funny to you?" In an appropriate response to the vulgar statement, the young lady put him in place with a solid punch to his genitals. He was in much pain, and we couldn't help but laugh, and we still do.

Camp Chewy: Michelle Scarff. Was in very fine form and decided that a bottle of water would be a good idea. Finding a bottle she took some heavy swallows, the bottle was cooking oil. Realising there was something wrong with the water, her stomach began to empty its contents. Michelle taking the scout law in hand wanted to care for the environment so took her duty to dig a hole... for the vomit. The ordeal was entirely entertaining.

Buggy Workshop: While there was little to do with materials been picked up and the shed lacking room to move around, Alistair ' Bear' Steventon and Ford were kicking a footy around on the oval next to the hall. Very productive right? With a heavy rainfall the week before it was very wet in some places. Ford having kicked a ripper up high, falling some distance short of Bear, he went in for it a bit too quick. Once he was under the ball he managed to flip himself arse over tit, landing and sliding in the mud.

Well done Bear.

Mud Bash: Ford Goodall had one last bit of glory as a squire before he was invested with another 4 this weekend, Kermit was preparing the fire to be lit, an ergonomically stacked formation with an encourager. A lot of encouragement went into this fire and Ford along with everyone else saw this, so when some one was asked for a light, Ford said "I'll do it" leant right over the drum, put his lighter right at the base of the fire. Kristie Flynn seeing this makes sure others are watching. For when he sparked his flint. Every hair on his face was, a "little" singed.

MARB: Phillippa 'Pippa' Wiener was enjoying dinner with the table when a a woman was noticed selling roses to amorous couples. Pippa wanted a rose very much and was heard saying VERY publicly that she would do 'something' to Ford for a rose. Let it be noted the the woman selling the roses claimed Ford looked like a "pathetic lonely wierdo".

Here's to you Pippa.

Group Working Bee: Damien Hort. While unloading the trailer at the tip in a hurry, Damo, carrying whatever he could was running between the trailer and the edge of the drop off. On one turn he didn't realise a line buried under the pile had tangled around him. In his bolt for the edge the line caught him up and took him out, full clothesline.